Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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July 15, 2009

Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68
PO Box 120707
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
Phone (909) 866-9310

One Exchange Plaza
55 Broadway, 23rd floor
New York, NY 10006
Phone 1-212-514-5250

To Whom It May Concern:

Read about you, in the LA Times, 4 ½ pages long. July 12, 2006 and how your organization investigated a dangerous nurse, Owen Jay Murphy Jr. of Kaiser Permanente Riverside, CA Medical Center.

I would like you to investigate Loma Linda, CA, VA hospital and it’s failure to deliberately miss diagnose PTSD patients, because it’s more cost efficient and easer using volunteers and non professionally trained doctors who can diagnose the sick PTSD patients as drunks and drug users.

The real sick PTSD patients drop out of the harassing Loma Linda programs. The tuff jail released drug using veterans stay in the programs and are supported by government money. That is the short version of my story.

More of my personal details can be had by calling me and or seeing some of my blogs. Example of a dangerous volunteer at Loma Linda, CA, VA hospital.


Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68

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